The chances are high that as long as you have kids they will continue to ask for new things, better things, and more entertaining things. They will ask for the latest toys, electronics, and games. At some point they will ask for expensive clothes, cell phones and cars. Probably most kids will ask for a pet at least once during their childhood years. Making a pet a part of your family can actually be a very positive thing for everyone involved. Consider getting an aquarium full of fish the next time your children start bugging you for something new.

I happen to love aquariums, so perhaps I am just a little bit partial. When my own children began bugging me to get a dog or a cat for our family, I compromised and brought home a medium sized aquarium and ten fish to put in it. My children were thrilled and quickly forgot about their “need” for a furry friend. I was relieved for many reasons.

Typical pets such as cats or dogs take a lot of work and require a lot of attention. While most kids want them, few kids have a real understanding of the time and energy it takes to care for pets. Getting an aquarium full of fish can be a great way to teach your kids about responsibility in a way that they can actually handle. Don’t get me wrong – having an aquarium of fish takes work – but not the level of work that typical pets take.

I also love the idea of parents choosing an aquarium for their kids because I think a well kept aquarium adds a lot of beauty and fun to a house. Guests love to look at an aquarium and to learn about the different kinds of fish it holds. Kids will be proud to show off their aquarium and to tell all they have learned about fish and caring for them.

We all know how busy life today is. We know that kids are busy not only with school, but also with many after school and weekend activities. The reality for most families is that a dog or a cat would probably not receive the attention and care that they need. Anyone wishing to own an animal has to have a realistic picture of what kind of pet owner they will be. It is not fair to take a pet into your home unless you can rightly provide the time, attention and care that it needs. Hence the aquarium full of fish. Little time or energy needed, but still something for your kids to focus on and take a level of responsibility for.

Writer Martin Stoleman rightly chose an aquarium for his children’s desire for a pet. He thinks it is the right move for most busy families. See for more.

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26 Mar 2007