A normal, unaffected joint has cartilage of a certain thickness on the bones. This thickness can vary from one joint to another. The more stress a joint is supposed to take, the thicker the cartilage. In time however some of the cartilage can wear off and in extreme cases the bones themselves rub against each other without any protection from the cartilage. The wear of the cartilage can create other symptoms like oedema, this is swelling of the surrounding tissues of the joint and arthritis pain. The affected joints become less mobile as well. Arthritis is mostly found in older persons since it is mostly an affection that is induced by the wear of the joints through the continuous use.

Sometimes however, in the case of osteoarthritis, even younger adults can be affected. It is most common in individuals who put excessive strain on their joints through high level sport or heavy labor.

How to treat arthritis pain?

Medication is your best bet for the treatment of arthritis pain. Look for medication that controls the swelling of the surrounding tissues and eases the pain that comes with the diminished capacity of shock absorbing from the cartilage. It is important to find an effective medication against the arthritis pain, because you need to keep your joints moving. If any of them is causing you too much pain, you will try to avoid too much movement and that in itself will cause further stiffness and pain.

Effective arthritis pain control keeps yourself active and your muscles firm and flexible.

If you are looking for over-the-counter medication, there is a choice between several medications: be on the lookout for medication that can treat the pain as well as manage and reduce the swelling. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or naproxen may very well do the trick for you in keeping the arthritis pain in line. But if you don’t get enough relief from these types of medications, your doctor can prescribe other, even more effective products.

As difficult an illness arthritis is to get around with, arthritis pain does not have to be the burden that prevents you from having a full and active life. As always, the sooner one can intervene, the better and easier the arthritis pain will be manageable. Exercises and medication will help you to keep on top of things. An arthritis diagnosis is not the end of your active life.

By: Frank Rom

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21 Jun 2007