You have just found out you have diabetes. No reason to be alarmed. You need to make some lifestyle changes to reduce the possibility of developing a serious situation from your new found ailment. A serious situation could be a heart attack, kidney problems, high blood pressure, vision loss, or an amputation of a limb, usually a foot. By taking the appropriate steps you can live a long and prosperous life.

Did you miss some of the signs associated with diabetes when you were a pre diabetic? With one of the symptoms being – there is no symptom – it might have been a little difficult to see your diabetes coming at you. That is why it is important to get physicals on at least a yearly basis to see what is happening with your body. Your doctor may have been able to point out that your blood sugar has been increasing and now you need to start adjusting your diet so you could lower blood sugar levels. Get your eyes checked out as well.

So now what do you do?
Having a well rounded diabetes program so you can handle this illness is important. If you do a lot of exercising to keep your weight in check which is good and then eat a lot of the WRONG FOODS, then what did you accomplish? By the same token, if you are eating the foods that will help you control your diabetes and never take walks or workout at home or the gym. Are you creating a healthier you? The game plan is having a well rounded game plan. Football teams do not win consistently unless they have a good line to protect the quarterback. Same thing here. Develop a well thought out and well rounded program that YOU can live with.

No one wants to be told they cannot do something. Especially with food. But this page of your life has been turned and you need to address this disease now. It is okay to go off your diet but on an occasion. The key or operative word is occasion.

When I found out I had diabetes I denied it at first. But now I am playing ball. I watch what I eat and exercise at least three to four times per week. Some weeks I will work out doing cardio vascular programs five times. As I am writing this I see that I need to drink more water. So that is what I will do. Excuse me while I refill my glass. I really did get a glass of water.

In closing make sure you are under the care of a physician or you are seeing a nutritionist for proper food intake. Consult with a trainer or someone you trust when it comes to an exercise program. You are up to bigger and better things. Do not let diabetes wear you down.

I have been a diabetic for about two years and still learning about what I can do that will help me better this part of my life’s journey. Go see what is in the author’s box or resource box to help you create a well rounded diabetes care program for yourself.

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12 Mar 2007