Menopause is the actual time, in a woman, when because of age certain functions of the body stop happening. That process is actually the production of female hormones estrogen and progesterone. The 2 hormones are produced by the women’s ovaries, situated near the pelvis on each side off the uterus. Each month the uterus prepares for a fecundated egg, but when the egg doesn’t get fecundated than it is released with some blood. This is the actual period in women.

Hormones are very important to us humans because depending on the type and quantity in witch it is produced it has a serious impact upon the body. In the case of women estrogen is the main hormone, it determining the shapes that a woman has , the hair and all other feminine touches that make a woman that what she is. One of the most important facts that it does is that it protects the bones, by strengthening them. When the production of estrogen stops the women are in danger of developing a bone disease called osteoporosis ( thinning of the bones).

The process in witch the hormone stops being produce happens gradually. This process is very specific to each woman maybe being very easily to go thru or even on the opposite side with a lot of severe complications. Women may experience abnormal bleeding, flair ups or different timing on their periods. Scientists are still trying to determine the causes that make this symptoms so erratic. The symptoms will eventually stop and completely disappear along with the woman’s ability to create more eggs or estrogen, thus the capacity of procreation.

The age in at witch the menopause starts tends to be the same in the majority of women. But of course not all of them are complying with this rule. Ages at witch different women start the menopause differ greatly, a specific rule not being present. It is said that women tend to start the menopause at the same or roughly the same age as their mothers.

It is considered that a woman has reached her menopause after she hasn’t had any periods for 12 month. To be shore she must in any case check up with a doctor.

Blood test shouldn’t relied on to tell if the onset of the menopause has began. Level of hormones in the blood can vary a lot.

Symptoms of menopause vary also: hot flashes, irregular vaginal bleeding and night sweats are also present. Doctors should always be consulted if complications appear and also for a better passing thru this period.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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19 Jun 2007