35mm fixed lens cameras – Thanks to today’s technology there are many fine “point and shoot” cameras on the market. Compact and lightweight, with auto-focus and auto-exposure they are well suited to travel photography. If possible, use one that has a manual override for the exposure settings. However, be careful of the auto focus. Make sure it is focusing on your subject, and not another area of the photograph.35mm fixed zoom cameras – These are a wonderful choice for travel photography. The addition of a zoom gives you the advantage of many different focal lengths in one lens. We recommend a lens with a minimum 35mm to 90mm range for general photography.

Disposable 35mm cameras – These cameras come in a variety of choices. Basically a box of film with a lens added, they can produce quite acceptable results. Available most places where film is sold, they are perfect when you find yourself without a camera. We especially like the panoramic camera. The waterproof model is wonderful for pools and shallow snorkeling. If you will be using one indoors be sure to purchase the model with the built in flash.

35mm and larger format cameras with removable lenses – By being able to change the lens, and thus the view, these cameras offer the widest range of choices for the photographer. We’ve found that having a wide angle, a normal, and a telephoto lens will cover almost any situation.

Normal Lens – This lens will give you the angle of view that you normally see with the naked eye. A 50mm lens on a 35mm camera is considered a normal lens.

Wide Angle Lens – Especially good for landscapes, as well as large buildings, they also add foreground to your photograph. For a 35mm camera, anything smaller than 38mm would be considered a wide angle. Best choice is a 24mm to 28mm.

Telephoto Lens – These come in a variety of lengths, starting at 150mm and going up to 500mm. They are useful when you need to bring the subject closer. For most purposes a 150mm or 200mm lens is recommended. The longer focal lengths are used for wildlife and sports photography where you must stay a long distance from your subject. If you are shooting with an extremely long lens be sure to use a tripod and a fast shutter speed.

Zoom Lens – Because they offer a range of focal lengths, these lenses are perfect for travel photography. They are very useful in isolating specific elements within your photographs. Zoom lenses cover a variety of focal lengths. Most common are a wide angle to a medium, such as a 28mm-80mm lens. Or a medium to a long, such as a 70mm-210mm lens. If you have a normal and a wide angle lens, we recommend the addition of a 70mm to 210mm zoom. This will give you a nice range to cover most situations.

Macro Lens – Macros come in a variety of fixed focal lengths or as a zoom lens with macro capability. This is a great lens to use when shooting close-ups of plants, flowers, or other small objects.

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25 Jan 2007