Principal cause of occurrence the wrinkles – a strain of muscles.

Wrinkles not only look variously, but have the different reasons of occurrence. Them often divide into static and dynamic wrinkles.

Static wrinkles arise because of the changes occuring in the skin (damage of fibers of a skin by various harmful factors, age wear process, destruction of structures of a skin, etc.). The problem of occurrence of wrinkles is bound to a disadvantage of collagenic fibers of a skin. The collagen is a basis of elasticity and an elastance of our skin. By 25 years the organism of the person reduces development of a collagen, and can and refuse in general it to frame. So there are first wrinkles.

Dynamicwrinkles are formed in places of constant muscular activity of that at reduction the muscle is shortened and make skin wrinkle, and at a relaxation comes back in a starting position and “pulls” it behind itself back. At young women a skin elastic, it quickly reacts to such movements of muscles and comes back in an initial condition. With the years similar “exercises” are given to it more hardly, and cords appear all on a skin more precisely. Dynamicwrinkles are usually formed around of eyes, bridge of the nose, on a forehead, and around of a mouth – there where mimic muscles most activly work.

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28 Feb 2007