The condition, accompanied constant feeling of apathy, melancholy, the alarm, named depression, today is very widespread. And it is no wonder, in fact it is enough reasons for it: family problems, break with the close person, problems on work, etc.

With arrival of depression there is an indifferent attitude to the validity, burdensome feeling of fault, impossibility of reception of pleasure from a life and aspiration to loneliness.

Depression section into three kinds:

– Functional – it is inherent to mentally healthy people. Arises seldom or periodically (about it and there will be a speech further);
– Pathological – meets at people psychiatric disturbances;
– Imaginary – when it seems to the person (and it very much wishes to inspire it to itself(himself) and associates), that at it depression. Approximately 50 % of all cases of functional depression are an imaginary, seeming depression.

For the causing reasons of depression section on endogenous – when the reason of depression inside, it is not visible (like all at the person well, nobody has died, has not thrown) and exogenous – when there is an obvious external reason.

Cyclicity of depressions is very well appreciable. At someone it is bound to seasons, at someone with phases of the moon. And sometimes in due course day or even day of week. Usually in the mornings depression is shown more strongly. The winter too often is the reason of an exacerbation of a depression. It is bound to decrease of duration of light day and, as consequence, deterioration of mood. For this reason in southern breadthes depression is widespread much less, than, say, in the Europe or in Russia.

All know, that salvage rolling – a handwork rolling. It concerns and to “drowning” in everyday storms. Psychologists consider, that in such situation the person only itself can help to recover to itself. Yes, yes, to recover, because depression is a disease which is necessary for treating the same as also any other illness. Before to run to the psychoanalyst and to ask it to write out to you somnolent, try to cope with this condition.

More sleep.

Dream – the best medicine. As a rule, people being a depression, suffer a sleeplessness, that aggravates their condition even more. For the most useful and long dream well air your bedroom and whenever possible leave a window leaf open. It will provide to you enough of oxygen, accordingly, you oversleep more longly and will wake up vigorous. Consider what to sleep on high and soft pillows not only it is not useful, but also it is harmful. Try, that your pillow was above a level of a bedsheet since if the head during a dream settles down much more above a body, blood supply of a brain worsens, that can lead to headaches in the mornings.

Try to not remain in loneliness.

Spend time in a society of other people. Try to speak with them about the things which are not having the attitudes to depression. “Always will help if to share with someone the experiences. Find friends who love you, and tell it, that at you on mind”, – recommends Bonnie to R.Striklend, Dr. of philosophy, the professor of psychology at University of Massachusetts. If conversation on your problems causes tears, do not constrain them. “Tears carry simplification, especially if the nobility about what you cry”, – Robert Dzhaffe, Dr. of philosophy, the family therapist from Sherman Oaks, California adds.

Have a good time.

” Your depression only will be aggravated, if you will loaf on the house and to be depressed. Our advice consists in leaving the house. Unimportantly, than you decide to borrow, if only something active. Go on walk, drive on a bicycle, visit friends, esteem, play in a chess or borrow with children. The American psychologists consider, that viewing of the TV not only does not promote a relaxation, but also on the contrary, harms to your state of health, therefore it is better to take, for example, a warm bath with foam, to lead evening in an opera or in a noisy night club … Do all that want and enjoy it!

Do not accept serious decisions, such as moving, change of work, divorce, not having discussed a problem with close friends or relatives from among those to that you trust. Try to postpone decision-making on the important questions until you will not leave depression. Now you cannot rely on the decisions really. Postpone their acceptance until itself will feel is better.

Go in for sports.

Researches show, that people testing depression feel themselves is better, if on a regular basis are engaged in physical exercises. To overcome despondency employment on fresh air (jogging, walking, navigation, bicycle walks) will help. If you already on a regular basis carry out physical exercises and are in the good physical form, but in bad condition, try ” to be engaged up to full physical exhaustion, – Dr. Gessel offers. Is a good way to take out a strain “. Enter the name in a sports hall or pool and instead of staying all the evening long in front of the TV, looking through a melodrama and muffling the experiences by sweets, burn calories, being engaged on simulators or floating in pool. As a result instead of the eyes which have swelled from tears and risings of weight you improve the figure, and it, you see, should please.

Try to float more.

At the worst, simply take a shower is more often, because water possesses really unique properties. It as if washes off from you negative emotions. Besides at washing a head blood supply of a brain improves.

Live for today.

The last troubles are powerless, they cannot strike you any more, forget insults and lesions, do not chafe a wound, do not recollect what to not return any more. It is not necessary to frighten itself of phantoms of the future troubles – the future only one, and to invent it is possible the whole one hundred misfortunes, the majority from which never will happen.

Do not overeat and do not refuse from meal.

Keep to the healthy balanced diet. Feasts have effect of a boomerang. During meal you, maybe, also feel well, but with the subsequent augmentation of your waist at some centimeters, your depression will be enlarged also. Leave the house if it is necessary to overcome desire to eat.

Many medicines which we accept, can cause depression.

Depressions are quite often accompanied by absence of appetite, a hypersensibility to a smell and a kind of nutrition, a nausea and a vomiting.

Change an interior.

The surrounding light background very much influences mental state of health. Therefore try to surround yourself light things, to change wall-papers and in general as much as possible to replace a situation in which you are the most part of day, on more light and spacious.

Remember, ourselves owners of the mood! The main thing – to want to leave for ever depression and to throw out it from the life. Really.

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27 Feb 2007