The word depression has densely become current the modern person, the suppressed mood, feeling of emptiness, absence of interest to a life, tearfulness, disturbances of a dream, notions of compulsion of the negative contents, feeling of isolation and own inferiority – here the basic signs of this condition.

Depression can become response to external, injuring events, such, as mors of the close person, separation or changes in a vital situation: moving to other city or the country, an output on pension, divorce, a birth of the child, etc.

Endogenous depression, disturbance in emotional sphere of the person, arising without the visible external reasons, as a rule, proceeds in the serious form, practically paralyzing social activity of the person. One of the most disturbing signs of endogenous depression are ideas on a suicide. Such form of depression can speak about presence of mental disease MDP and demands not only psychological, but also medicamental treatment.

For today depression is one of the most widespread reasons of the reference behind the psychological help. As the depression caused by external events, and endogenous depression are successfully treated by means of a psychotherapy. Therefore, despite of feeling of a hopelessness which quite often accompanies with this condition, it is not necessary to despair. Was well-timed the received professional help, will help to find internal equilibrium and to return by a normal life.

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26 Feb 2007