Now depression advances all other alienations on a degree of damage for a working capacity and accordingly on a share of the years lost for a high-grade life. The appreciable share of patients with depressive frustration addresses for the help in a somatic network. Thus only in 10-30 % of cases depression is recognized was well-timed. In the present test signs of depression and an estimation of its gravity are brought into accord with criteria of the International classification of illnesses of 10-th revision, but filled by the concrete maintenance from our personal medical practice.

Typical (basic) signs of depression:

1. The mood bad, suppressed, nasty, gloomy, disgusting, decadent, melancholy, ” is lovely nothing “, ” boredom on soul “, ” all is grey for me “

2. ” there is no bent for to business “: you postpone performance of any plans or affairs, or longly adjust yourself on their performance. There is no desire to penetrate in short of a business problem, maintenance of the important conversation – know, that it should be made, but do not do. Industrial decisions, business acquaintances also postpone on “tomorrow”. Nothing interests, it would not be desirable anything to do, and know what to do it is necessary. Pleasures are not present such as before – ” All became somehow all the same “. For a long time it is forgotten, when with something were pleased.

3. Get tired at once, even after insignificant physical effort, or in the evening after homing from work on what there are no forces. The sensation of constant weariness is possible. It seems, that had never a rest. It would be desirable to dump from itself duties on the house, on work – to have a rest, gain strength. However, short-term rest does not improve a condition, and entertainments quickly lose the appeal.

Other signs of depression:

1. It is difficult to concentrate at presence of an extraneous stimulus (for example, the TV, radio, conversation in the next room works); because of “parallel” ideas – ” I Read, and I think of other “. In dialogue it became difficult to select words, to catch a string of conversation; at reading books, magazines, the business documentation the sense read through is hardly caught, it is necessary to re-read pages anew.

2. There was unusual to you an indecision, constant doubts in performance of ordinary household and well familiar professional duties, after the made decision. The confidence of – ” Suddenly not was gone so I shall tell, not so I shall make “.

3. The critical estimation of all last life – ” Everything is possible, that in the past it was bad, necessary to be engaged in another “. You test burdensome feeling of “burden” in family, ” the superfluous person ” on work. Reproach itself with the irresponsible attitude to the filial or affiliated duties, insufficient attention to other close relatives.

4. You are overcome with gloomy reflections that you are “loser”, cannot solve in a life the problems; ascertaining of full professional bankruptcy, finish (” I have fulfilled the a resource “). Gloomy and pessimistic vision of the future can be filled and rather concrete household circumstances.

5. From time to time there are ideas – ” Can be is easier die, as all badly, badly, it is bad …. “, hopelessly, not visible prospects and, in general, the life for you has ceased to be something significant, has lost the sense.

6. Frustration of a dream are various enough. It is the complicated period of a backfilling; reduction of hours of a night dream because of frequent awakenings; awakenings in 3-4 one o’clock in the morning or 5 o’clock in the morning with the subsequent sleeplessness. At all variants of frustration of a dream after final awakening there is no feeling of freshness (rest) in the morning.

7. Appetite is lowered (“I Can be limited for a day to a glass of tea”), or appetite is absent at all, is possible even with disgust for a kind and a smell of nutrition.

Self-diagnostics of depression

In the event that you do not type any 3 signs (the basic and additional list), you do not have depressive frustration of mood according to criteria.

Easy depressive frustration

Presence any 2 typical signs of depression and even 2 signs from the list “and”. You are concerned by the condition. Experience the certain difficulties in performance of usual work and social activity.

The moderate depressive frustration

Presence any 2 typical signs of depression and not less than 3 (it is preferable 4) from the list “and”. There are значитель-th difficulties in performance of social duties, house affairs and continuation of professional work.

Serious depressive frustration

Presence of all of 3 typical depressive signs and 4 or more from the list “and”. Social and house activity can not be carried out or its performance is improbable.

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27 Feb 2007