Planned escape routes are a necessity, especially if a fire were to occur during the night. Go through each room in your house and think of possible solutions. You should bear in mind your two escape routes from each room, in one case blocked by the fire. Inspect the room so that the furniture and other items not block doorways or windows.

Make sure that all the windows in the room slightly open and not painted or nailed shut, I remember it may be your only way to the fire. If you live in the apartment building, make sure that any security grills on windows can be removed in an emergency. Always know the location of the nearest stairwells or fire escapes, and where they will lead.

If your house is a big story, or if you live above the first floor of the apartment building, escape staircase important safety feature. You should have escape ladder of a fire-safe material (aluminium, not him), in the upper-bedroom, that the story does not work, who are capable of using it. As extinguishers, emergency stairs should be used only by adults. Stairs must be approved by an independent testing laboratory; Its length must be appropriate for your home and it has to withstand the weight of the adult mass in the home.

Do not forget any caregiver in the house everyone knows escape routes and plans in the event of a fire.

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3 Feb 2007