That is a fact, no smoke alarm in your home to reduce the risk of dying in a fire in half. If your home has no smoke alarms, Now is the time to install them on every level of your home, and in each bedroom. If possible, choose one with the ten-year lithium battery.

If your fire alarm regularly on the batteries, be sure to replace them every year (hint : change your batteries if you do not change the course of events in the summer time for the autumn).

Test fire alarm a month, and make sure your children are familiar with the sound of alarm. Almost 60% of all fatal fires homes, which did not have smoke alarms, so that it can be very important, thing you can do to keep your family protected from the fires.

Because smoke is increasing smoke detectors should always be placed on high ceilings or walls. If the smoke detector near the kitchen goes when you are cooking, do not take the battery out of it will be forgotten. ”

Open doors and windows, a. Or you might consider installing speed multi-detector heat field, as a kitchen, where smoke or steam for cooking, can cause false alarms. These signals can only when the temperature reaches a critical point range, or when it has risen by more than a certain number of degrees per minute.

If You have new houses built, or homes of the elderly, You can also add a home fire-sprinkler system. They are already in many homes and hostels.

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3 Feb 2007