Owners of domestic animals all over the world dream find out how to get rid of fleas. Many know on the experience, that it is easier to tell, than to make.
Fleas and struggle against them bring mass of inconveniences and disturbings to animals and their owners.

Struggle against fleas is second basic clause of charges of owners of domestic animals, after charges on a forage. In the past to year in the USA on struggle against fleas owners spend 1 billion dollars. Fleas is a big problem.

Though in the world exists more than 2 200 kinds of the fleas, the most widespread flea amazing domestic animals, the cat’s flea is. Dryden speaks, that approximately 99 % of the fleas living on domestic animals in the USA, they are the cat’s fleas.

At fleas long pricking stomatic parts with which they suck blood of the master. That blood was not folded, fleas inject the spit before to start to suck blood into a bite wound. The spit of a flea causes an allergic response which causes an itch in an animal.

Fleas can be transmitting agents of tenial helminths and can cause an anemia in some animals. The strong lesion fleas can even kill the pup or a kitten.

However, with the new preparations which have appeared in the market, it became much easier to get rid of fleas. Advantage, Frontline, Program and the latest preparation, Revolution, are accessible and very effective.

Having in the market these preparations, it is completely not obligatory to process a dog or a cat at the slightest pretext sprays, powders or special solutions. Old methods not so are simple and effective, as new.

Advantage, Frontline and Revolution are issued in the form of drops, and are put on a neck of an animal of times in a month. Program is a tablet which is given to an animal of times in 30 days.

These preparations are absolutely safe. Owners do not have the cause to be disturbed about negative by-effects if the preparation is applied according to references.

Dryden also offers after processing an animal about fleas to clean carpets. In carpets of a flea can live within several weeks or months. Cleaning of carpets help to get rid practically of all fleas. It is necessary to clear right after cleanings of carpets a dust collector of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the eggs collected by a vacuum cleaner.

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3 Feb 2007