For the majority of people it is tiny essences of the amber color, capable to put world records on high jumps and to drive mad pets and their owners. Actually it is real blood-sicking and messengers of serious infections.

Scientists assume, that fleas have occured about ten millions years ago from flying insects. More hardy have appeared those individuals who, living on a body of “owner”, have lost wings. Therefore absence of wings of fleas today explain their parasitic way of life. The structure of a body of fleas is fitted for movement in a woolen integument of an animal – “owner” – it is strongly compressed from sides and is so strong, that is capable to resist to claws of animals. It is necessary to possess the big skill to split his “shell”. Transition from one owner on another is easily carried out by active jumps at an occurring of animals – “owners” or jumps in places of their constant dwelling, as back legs at fleas for jumps. To jump on a dog running past or a cat, the flea should move with acceleration, to 140 times exceeding acceleration of earth gravitation (9,8 km/s). (For the information: at the person already at twentyfold acceleration bones start to be fractured.) Such ability to jump is provided with the contents in their organism of a special proteic matter.

The expert at first sight can define, who is a potential victim of this or that individual. Normally exist and be made multiple copies fleas can on animals suitable for them.
Fleas camels and other kinds of animals, and also a typhoid, a tularemia, rickettsioses represent big danger as carriers of illnessesof the person and animals, such as a plague with which rodents are ill.

On the person the human flea (Pulex irritans) which can live also on dogs, cats and even horses, that is on the animals having constant contact to the person parasitizes. Presently, if the person complains of fleabites, most likely, the infringer of calmness – the cat’s flea (Ctenocephalus telis) which, except for cats, can live on dogs and hedgehogs. The cat’s flea modern conditions quite arrange, and even in ours concerning hygienic dwellings it feels simply excellently.
On dogs the dog flea (Ctenocephalus canis) parasitizes. Parasites are transferred puppies from mothers. Fleas on dogs meet under unsatisfactory conditions of the maintenance of the last and at a defective delivery is more often. Fleas, being erythrophages, at a suction of a blood pierce a skin and enter a saliva possessing toxic properties. Stings of fleas cause an itch. Combing lead to development of dermatitises. Young dogs are amazed more intensively and more hardly transfer an invasion. Fleas are easy for finding out at survey of external integuments of dogs.
Till now scientists puzzle over a question how to get rid of the fleas exasperating pets and the person. Any apartment in which the animal is got, is a shelter for fleas. That of them to get rid, it is necessary to understand their life cycle.

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3 Feb 2007

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