The term of early menopause is most often used as a result of others actions that have been taken and that have lead to more serious problem. They are often used as umbrella terms in order to cover for the actions of other disorders or the results of actions like: premature ovarian failure, surgical menopause or even menopause caused by chemotherapy or radiation.

To better put it so that all can understand the term early is used as a consequence to a process that has ended way before it should have. Early menopause in men would be the cases of men that are still in their 20 s, 30 s and even early 40 s.

In the case of menopause the early menopause would be the one that happens before the person reaches the age of 40. in the cases of women, when this premature menopause appears from natural causes and is not the result of surgery, radiation treatment or chemotherapy the term used to better describe it, and that is most often used now would be premature ovarian failure. The basic thing is that the woman’s ovaries have stopped working normally way ahead of the time they should have, this meaning years or even decades.

In women factors that can determine the appearance of the early menopause are very many and wide spread. Premature ovarian failure would actually be the first of them, this being of natural causes. In this condition the periods stop suddenly before the age of 40. menopausal symptoms also appear, most commonly a stop In the periods of the woman. Test that are done are going to be done so in post menopausal levels. Premature ovarian failure may not always mean that the production of eggs has stopped. If so than it’s the case of a POF, if not than the body of the woman, more especially the ovaries, have sopped responding properly to the signals received from the brain.

Surgery or specific cancer treatments can also induce an early menopause in the case of women. If a woman has suffered an ophorectomy than the varies have most certainly been removed. Hysterectomy also involves the removal of the ovaries. Cancer treatments that may cause failure of the ovaries may be chemo or radiation therapy.

Abnormalities may appear during life that involve the process of ovulating, having periods and any other related processes. If the woman is still ovulating and if checked shows that It has normal levels of estrogen n her blood, but is esperiencing symptoms similar to those of menopause, it could be said she has an early menopause or a perimenopause.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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19 Jun 2007