Usually one in some 100 women will experience ovarian failure before the age of 40. A chilling fact is that a lot of them have complications because of this and some half of million women in the United States must have hysterectomies. Other severe complications would involve the compleat removal of both ovaries.

Complications will most often appear in women that are experiencing an earlier menopause than it should be. The natural way, meaning the right way that it should be, usually involves the estrogen level dropping easily during the time of 2 to 10 years. In the case of surgically induced menopause the estrogen level suffers a sudden drop, fact witch can lead to complications in that particular woman.

Vasomotor symptoms are not that often and not to big in intensity in the case of general older women that are going through menopause the natural way. Its progression is rather smooth with the usual case of a bad month followed by some good month with out pain or other strange symptoms. On the other hand, severe reactions may be felt by more younger patients the effects also being more drastic. Practice done by certain doctors have shown that surgically menopausal women are very predisposed to suffer from vasomotor symptoms, reactions being very severe and spacing over a period of over 8 years. Natural menopausal women seemed to have almost none of those severe symptoms with the exception of some hot flashes. Nature has its more milder ways of getting women trough this harsh times, and although complications do appear they are rarely severe and usually go away in maximum 2 years.

Because of nasty side effects immediately after the surgery caused by bilateral oophorectomy, patients may not be able to take the medication orally, especially the estrogen pills. For this reason patches that have the same role have been developed. The advantage of these patches is that they release the estrogen gradually in the blood stream over the period of days, thus balancing levels in the body.

Patches deliver estradiol by being placed on the lower abdomen (estradiol being the primary hormone produced by the female ovaries). Modern development has made it smaller than it was and also more resistant to daily activities like showers or changing clothes. They have even gone so far as to make it swim proof, thus the fact that it has to be changed only twice a week. It is very useful against symptoms caused by an estrogen crash.

As in all other diseases and illnesses exceptions do exist, this way women that have complications are not advised to use estrogens. Side effects may be very severe.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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19 Jun 2007