Opinions are still mixed when it comes to male menopause, some saying it exists some saying it doesn’t. The majority of scientists and doctors think that the thing responsible for all the nasty symptoms that men feel is actually the gradual decrease of the male hormone testosterone. This happens over time with the aging of the patient. Studies and test done on a number of people show that the rate at witch the level of testosterone decrease in the body are at about 1% every year. Some symptoms related with the loss and low level of testosterone would be depression in many cases often leading to irritability, followed by fatigue and even sexual dysfunction in some cases.

As in the cases of menopause in women, on of the best treatments for this disorder in men would be testosterone replacement therapy. Re calibrating the levels so that a normal life can be lived is very important.

The menopause in men, as described and defined by doctors and scientists, is the actual decrease in the level of testosterone in the male body after middle age. This decrease can lead to depressions, anxiety and even low libido. The term of menopause has also been used in men that are experiencing somewhat of a mid life crisis. The average age when this is most frequent is the late 30 s or the early 40 s. The biggest fact that tends to dismiss the male menopause is the fact that, different from women, the action happens gradually over time , not in a more sudden way as women experience it. Also the loss of a function of the body is again not present like in case women losing their ability to have babies.

The certain fact is that testosterone is produced in lower quantities than in normal cases. Studies have shown that along side the decrease of testosterone, the plasma suffers the same thing. This again may lead to some sexual dysfunction. Because it is in our nature to be different one from another, the level that triggers the appearance of the problem may also vary with men.

The fact that the level of testosterone tends to decrease at an average of 1% a year, does not have a medical significance. Still it has been proven that between the ages of 25 and 75 the men is going to certainly lose more than half of his testosterone level.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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19 Jun 2007