The female periods and after a certain age the female menopause have been known to exist for centuries now. It was a natural way of being. But only recently, with the help of technology and modern medicine, did we discover that men also have something similar to the female menopause, very much alike in symptoms and side effects as in women. It not long now since we’ve started to really understand the way this male menopause woks, to know its actions and the way it affects the male body and mind.

A lot of questions had to be answered in order to make a compleat and accurate image of this male menopause. The studying of this fact was actually done in total confusion and controversy because it was considered that unlike the women, who had to go through the middle life crises and put up with all the ravages that the lack of estrogen had to offer, the man was considered ageless from this point of view boasting with virility al the way till very old age.

Unfortunate for us the myth that the man was anytime, `as-many-times-as-you-want’ sex machine was kind of busted. This is actually only true for the ages of until 25. the truth is that with the aging the urges reduce, the time to pop up increases and even the anytime part becomes some times actually. The erection may not be the same as it was in youth and even the ejaculation has to suffer. The time between erections also increases.

It has been found out that yes men go through this mid-life crisis as well, a time, when because of the stability that life has reached poses an actual problem. The struggle of life is no longer there to show the man that he is living and most important feeling alive. The fact that the man realizes this only makes it even worse sometimes triggering the crisis or in some cases aggravating it. This mid-life period most super em poses on a lot of things like parental change, the kids reaching the teen times or even going away from home, shifts in career , being sometimes replaced by younger men with more potential, or even marriage problems. The results after such a long period of struggling may sometimes be not enough to say that it was all worth it. On top of all this the fact of physical aging also becomes apparent, the individual not having such an athletic life anymore, signs of disabilities appearing along side normal aging signs like beer belly and wrinkling in the face. The fact that the person will re
ach a point in their life where death is going to start being a problem start to become more and more realistic.

In the case of males menopause has been found out to be more of a psychical problem than physical. Lack of testosterone has also been noticed to affect at a physical level but problems or complications are not as many as in the cases of women.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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19 Jun 2007