Plan of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

a – The Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral

b – The Grand Ducal Burial Vault

с – The Engineers’ House

d – The Artillery Warehouse

e – The Main Guardhouse

f – The Commandant’s House

g – The Mint Works h The Boathouse

i – Monument on the supposed place of the execution of the Decembrists

1 – The Tsar Bastion (Bastion of Peter I) with the ramp

2 – The Neva Curtain Wall with the Neva Gate

3 – The Naryshkin Bastion (St Catherine Bastion, the Empress Catherine I Bastion) with the flagstaff tower

4 – The St Catherine Curtain Wall

5 – The Trubetskoi Bastion with the building of prison

6 – The Vasilyevsky Island Curtain Wall with the Vasilyevsky Island Gale

7 – The Zotov Bastion with the ramp

8 – The St Nicholas Curtain Wall with the St Nicholas (Second Kronwerk) Gate

9 – The Golovkin Bastion (Bastion of St Anne, the Empress Anna Bastion)

10 – The Kronwerk Curtain Wall with the Kronwerk (First Kronwerk) Gate

11 – The Menshikov Bastion (Bastion of Peter II) with the ramp

12 – The St Peter Curtain Wall with the St Peter Gate

13 – The St John (Ioannovsky) Ravelin with the St John Gate, half-counter-guards and batardeau, and the Si John (St Peter) Bridge leading to the gate

14 – The St Alexei (Alexeyevsky) Ravelin with the half-counterguards and batardeau, and with the building of archives

15 – The kronwerk with the Defence Arsenal

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4 Dec 2008