The collars protecting dogs from fleas and other parasites as it was found out, can help and to people. The British physicians working in Iran, have established, that children living in settlements where dogs wear collars from parasites, catch a visceral leishmaniasis – serious disease which main carrier are mosquitoes twice less often.

Immediate infecting agents are the parasites getting an osteal brain or in a lien. Illness can sometimes lead to mors. This disease annually gets character of epidemic in Central Asia (especially in Iran), Latin America, Africa and here and there in the Europe. Dogs too transfer in themselves these parasites. Doctor Klajv Devis (Clive Davis), the employee of the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) has assumed, that in this situation can help collars with a covering, and it has appeared the rights: the amount ill for a year has decreased twice. It is necessary to notice, that each collar from fleas and other parasites costs the order of 10 dollars. For the average citizen of Iran – the sum excessive. However, doctor Devis is assured, that if the government will make a decision on mass purchases of these collars, the price will sharply fall.

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3 Feb 2007