As for formation HDRi – images with worked both colors and shadows very big range of luminances is necessary to us, to receive a normal initial material for once it will not turn out. In this case to us will help automatic bracketing (AEB).

Automatic bracketing it is an operating mode of the camera when it makes three pictures: normally proexposed, a feather exposed and non exposed. In option automatic bracketing it is necessary to specify a range bracketing in two steps (or how many it is necessary for you).

How to create HDRi on the normal digital camera

On an example the item of the menu of camera Canon PowerShot G3/G5/G6, devoted automatic bracketing is specified. In it is necessary to specify a range +/-two steps.

As it to make it is described in the instruction to the camera.

We include the specified mode and from a mount or from an emphasis it is made three photos of the same objects. Here it is important to try to not displace the camera during shooting. Also it is desirable to exclude completely movement in the frame – to wait the moment when people will leave, will pass cars, etc.

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9 Feb 2007