For many centuries, to build a harmonious compositions artists from the “Golden Section”.

Golden section – division AC line into two parts so that more than half of the 12th to a lesser AB, as a period of the BC is AB (ie, AB : BC = AC : AB). The ratio is approximately 5:8. 5:8 ratio is very close to the party standard frame (24:36 mm 5:7,5 = = 2:3).

Golden section in photography

An example of the “Golden Section” – location of the main components of the frame in the special spots-visual centres. These points only four, and they are located at a distance of 3 / 8 and 5 / 8 from the edges of the plane.

The example shows how to build a frame in accordance with the golden section. Man has always focused its attention on those locations, regardless of the aspect ratio or picture.

Golden section in photography

And see what is a breach of the rules. The last frame of a series of a crop.

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26 Jan 2007

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